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Friday, May 5, 2017

Ms Sorrow

You cannot not fall for me... and I cannot fall for you,
the bonds outside are telling us, what we can’t pursue,
but in no way does this prevent... massaging of my craze -
to stir the embers at your core, and set them all ablaze.

You’re trapped in the sorrow of a loveless, arid scene
while I’m dealing with the boredom of everyday routine,
you want to feed a craving... I want to feel alive -
drop your inhibitions and together we’ll revive.

My breath slowly rolls, just across your naked ear
I feel your heat radiate from hope and from your fear,
your heart is skipping beats as my hands flow down your hips -
and as I use my tongue, to separate your lips

I’m feeling you surrender... to the ache within,
the rhythm of your kissing, the sweat across your skin,
I feel the pressure of your nails and the closing of your eyes -
while sliding all my fingers, slowly up your thighs.

I sense your body trembling as I open my advance,
your legs begin to spasm as my fingers start to dance,
steady is my motion, ‘til you can’t take any more -
a frenetic burst of passion as our clothes go to the floor.

We finally come together as you drive me deep inside
the movement becomes quicker, we begin to turn the tide,
seconds turn to minutes, in waves that never cease -
until the dam begins to bow… and we both get our release.

Original Copyright © 2006 Stone Bryson. All Rights Reserved.
Written October 2006; Edited May 2017

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