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Friday, May 5, 2017


No more thoughts of home,
when vacant lives within,
the walls and ceilings still -
you rattle once again.
You cannot turn the key,
when love’s an enemy,
you reach out and you pray...
but what you get is shrugged -
and silently.
The storms you’re feeling pound,
until nothing else is found -
of what you once believed.

Cannot breathe, cannot need…
when affection’s not returned,
averted eyes, can’t disguise…
the emotion bent and burned.
Buried deep, never sleep -
when it dances in your head,
muted quest, is all that’s left...
when the love is

So take your bitter pill,
ingest without delay,
let it scar your throat -
and revel in the pain.
You’re bound to be alone,
when will is not your own,
a course you cannot change…
the heart’s forsaken you -
when it is gone.
The ice that rides the wind,
destroys the paper thin -
with everything you’ve shown.

Open thought, lesson taught...
when honesty betrays intent,
buried face, can’t erase...
admissions you come to regret.
Frozen fold, within your soul -
an escape from what’s ahead,
Forever chains, never gains...
when the love is

Copyright © 2009 Stone Bryson. All Rights Reserved.
Written December 2009

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