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Saturday, November 18, 2017

November/December Updates

Relaunch of the website, with updates on new blogs, recent activities, and what's on the horizon...

Welcome to the relaunch of my quasi-new online home. While some of the links are light on content (for now, at least), I hope you like the look and feel of the place.

The next month and a half promises to be busy. I've launched a new series on the Medium blog (focusing on 'a la carte' cord-cutting), and am continuing my work on my first non-fiction e-book. I am also exploring possibly doing a weekly podcast, though that is largely in the air for now.

I recently availed myself of the opportunity to visit my local National Weather Service office here in the Kansas City area. Jimmy and Ryan were the on-staff meteorologists, and they gave me the full rundown on how they work their magic. I found the trip inspiring, with it rekindling my love of all things weather; that will undoubtedly be reflected in the items I wish to discuss online.

As a side bar, you may have noticed my social networking has been somewhat sporadic, aside from Gab; that will probably continue through the end of the year. I am still working out what I want to do with Facebook, and I cannot even articulate how utterly disgusted I am with Twitter. To be honest, the only reason I have kept the latter is because that's what I use to log into Medium.

That's all I have for this round of updates. I wish you all a great holiday season ahead, and I'll see you all here again in 2018.

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