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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 2018 Update

A review of 2017, working toward a more productive 2018 with a focus on new material, and a social-media break...

Happy New Year, friends and strangers. I wanted to take a few moments to discuss what I see coming in the month ahead, along with a review of 2017.

To put it mildly, the previous year was a bit of a wash. No, that's a bit too kind - it was crap. I mean, on a national scale things are moving in the right direction, and with the economy rolling like it is (although I have my concerns about that) there are opportunities aplenty. But my own production was (very much) less than satisfactory.

I am hopeful, however. I see potential in Gab, especially with the recent 'Premium Content' option. I have yet to avail myself of this, but only because I haven't produced anything worth offering.

Recently-updated header pic for both Gab's and Facebook's profile page
See, I am one of those who believes in giving value-for-value; if you're paying $1.49 a month, then I should be offering items which only YOU, as a subscriber, can enjoy... and there should be value to it. If I'm not doing that, I feel like a charity case.

I do NOT like that feeling.

As such, I'll be spending the next month working out what I can produce, and how I can do it effectively, to start making money with my posts. While I am all for open, free-to-view posting - and I will continue to do that - I also need to start generating income for what I do. What Gab has set up is nearly perfect for that, so I am probably going to work exclusively within that network.

In order to get that lined up, I'll be taking a short social media break. Since my posts to the Facebook page have largely dried up (again) - and since I am ready to kill the @StoneSovryn Twitter feed (if they don't ban me first) - this break will really only effect my time on Gab.

Even in my advancing age there are still many things I wish to accomplish, so I'll need a little downtime to get those lined up. I intend to make 2018 count for something; to do that, however, I have to do things right.

That's all I have for this month; check back in February for new updates!

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